evenz is a simplified implementation of the observer pattern in python. It uses some friendly syntax conventions from other languages.

Create a Class with Events

For this simple example we’ll create an observable object with just one event.

from evenz import observable, event

class Dog(object):
    This is a dog that can bark.  We can also listen for a 'barked' event.

    def bark(self, count: int):
        Call this method to make the dog bark.

        :param count: How many times will the dog bark?
        for i in range(0, count):

    def barked(self, count: int):
        This event is raised when the dog barks.

        :param count: how many times did the dog bark?

Handle Events

Now let’s respond to the observable object’s event by subscribing handler methods.

# Create our observable dog.
dog = Dog()

# Create a handler function for the dog's 'barked' event.
def on_bark(sender: Dog, count: int):
    for i in range(0, count):
        print('Hush, puppy!')

# When the dog barks, we'll respond.
dog.barked += on_bark

# Have the dog bark a few times.

# At this point, we're fed up and no longer listening for barks.
dog.barked -= on_bark

# Now the dog's barks should go without a response.
print('OK.  We are no longer listening.')

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